Tubing Choices While Vacationing in Blue Ridge!

Last weeks blog discussed whitewater rafting opportunities for those daredevils with an adventurous spirit! As promised, this week I am blogging about another fun North Georgia Mountain water activity to enjoy for those of you that prefer a more “calm ride.”  Tubing while enjoying your stay in Blue Ridge is a relaxing experience that you can share with your family, significant other, on a girl trip or alone with your favorite novel!

tubing toccoaRolling Thunder River Company offers tubing or kayaking on the scenic  Toccoa River.  What is great about this activity, is your child only needs to be at least five years old.  Obviously, on most whitewater rafting adventures, they need to be older.  The Rolling Thunder Company offers different lengths in tubing and they operate on dam controlled rivers.  Generally, this is a gentle and relaxing trip but check with the company to find out if the waters are faster due to heavy rains that have occurred.  When it is going fast, what was supposed to be a two-hour trip can turn into a quick 45 minutes.
Toccoa River Adventures located in McCaysville, Georgia (just a little distance from Blue Ridge), claims to have the toccoa river adventure buscheapest tubing ride in the area.  You can get a tube for $6 to $7 and they also offer tubes to hold coolers as well.  As indicated from the picture, you can see the bus that you are able to use to hitch a ride back to your car after you finish tubing. They call this their Toccoa River adventure bus!   This adventure mainly runs along Horseshoe Bend Park and also occasionally the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway can go by where you are able to wave at all the passengers on the train!

tubing 2Shallowford Bridge Tubing is located in the Aska adventure area just past the shallowford bridge.  They offer a $9 tubing ride from May to September.  They claim to have the “best float in the area.”  This company will actually allow children at least two years of age to ride in the same tube as their parent.  If this is something you are willing to dare to do, you may want to go here!!! (doesn’t sound relaxing to me but to each his own!)  These guys are also open 7 days a week where many are not.

Toccoa Valley Campground is another amazing choice located in the Aska area.  Toccoa valley campground tubingThey offer a $10 tube ride as well as a shuttle to take you back from a six-mile route.  They will not allow you to put your own tubes in the water without paying the fee.  Your child must be at least five years old to float with Toccoa Valley.  They are open six days a week and closed on Sunday.  They also offer rafts for couples and families.

For those of you that may be experiencing tubing for the first time, there are several suggestions to consider.

  • Wear water shoes.  Lots of rocks can cut your feet!water shoes
  • If you must take valuables, place in zip lock bags.
  • Children must keep life vests on at all times.  Don’t take chances!
  • Wear a lot of sunscreen and a hat.
  • Tie your tubes together if you for sure want to stay with your party.  (especially kids)
  • If you have a young child, start with the shortest tubing adventure to make sure they do well.

As you can see, we have plenty of tubing to choose from in the mountains!  Hope these blogs have helped you decide which water adventure you prefer.  Comment about your wild and crazy rafting adventure or your peaceful, relaxing tubing trip.  Next week I will begin my blog on the amazing variety of restaurants that Blue Ridge has to offer our tourists as well as locals. It’s so exciting because every time I turn around, a new restaurant has come to this amazing town….

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