5 Benefits of Renting a Pet Friendly Cabin

dog pictures

Vacationing with your furry friend can bring many benefits to you and your family.  If you are like me, your dog is not “just a pet” but a valuable family member. Choosing to stay in a pet friendly cabin when you visit Blue Ridge in the North Georgia Mountains can bring many benefits to you, your pocketbook and your family.

  • The number one reason is you will save money.  Putting your precious pet in a kennel for a week can be extremely costly.  Not to mention the fact that your dog will most likely be in a cage most of the week with little roaming. 
  • Limit your stress level.  Let’s face it…unless your pet has stayed at the same place over and over, you are going to worry and ponder over if the kennel is taking proper care of them.  Once when I was on a beach vacation, we put our beloved Jack Russell, Rusty, in a kennel.  He was so nervous the entire time that he made himself sick and they had to call me several times to report to me how he was doing.  This is not something you want when you are trying to reduce stress on a mountain vacation!
  • dog at waterfallPets enjoy the mountains! They are a lot like us.  Who doesn’t enjoy all of the nature and God’s beauty that surrounds the mountains? Hiking on fabulous trails, exploring new waterfalls, and running through pastures of green grass are all a fantasy come true for most dogs. Blue Ridge is no doubt a dream come true for your outdoor loving dog.
  • Pets are beneficial to mental and physical health. Multiple studies have proven that pets actually help to release mood enhancing endorphins that can truly benefit us.  I know that when I am stressed out, having a hard time with something, my dog can sense my frustration.  He lays beside me, licks my face and let’s me know everything is going to be ok.  Who else feels this way?
  • dogs in waterFamily bonding is enhanced with a pet.  Dogs love being with us.  They are not meant to be strapped to a tree and never have interaction.  They love their owners and want to spend time with them.  Have family bonding time with your kids and pets by visiting the waterfalls of North Georgia together or go on some amazing hikes in Blue Ridge such as to the Swinging Bridge?  The downtown Blue Ridge area is extremely pet friendly.  Many of the stores will allow you to bring your pet inside their facility and often you will see bowls of water outside of their store.

Blue Ridge is truly a great place for a summer vacation to spoil your pets as well as yourself.  There is so much to do as well as relaxation time awaiting you.  Check out our amazing pet friendly cabins and plan your summer vacation now!  It is right around the corner.  You will be happy you chose Blue Ridge and your doggie will too!


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