Most Popular Shops to Buy Early Christmas Gifts in Blue Ridge, GA

There’s something special about shopping for gifts during the holiday season – the anticipation of loved ones opening presents on Christmas morning; the look of surprise when your best friend unwraps their gift and realizes you got them exactly what they wanted. While shopping for gifts online can be convenient, getting out and about in Downtown Blue Ridge makes the experience more enjoyable and intimate. If you’re one of those people who loves to buy Christmas gifts ahead of time, this is your chance! So, swing by Das Kaffee Haus, grab a holiday-themed beverage, and get your shop on in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Here are 5 of the most popular shopping destinations in Blue Ridge for your holiday gift giving needs!

Tupelo Tea – Formed and operated by Tom and Donna Harper, Tupelo Tea is located in the heart of Downtown Blue Ridge. Specializing in delectable loose tea and honey products that will have you doing a holiday happy dance. This is a fantastic place to shop for the caffeine fiend in your life, or for the craft tea lover who won’t ever be satisfied with Earl Grey. Try a few of their blends for yourself before choosing the right one as a gift. This is a shop you’ll definitely be coming back to!

Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company – The Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company epitomizes unique, small-town shopping. This shop features boutique bird seed blends and awesome gift ideas for the bird lover in your life. There’s plenty more than just bird seed to buy at the Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company, like hummingbird feeders, instructional classes, and even interactive seminars that you or your family can participate in. The Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company is located a short walk away from Tupelo Tea, off East Main Street in Downtown Blue Ridge.

The Rum Cake Lady – They say big things come in small packages, and that is so true at this amazing restaurant in Downtown Blue Ridge. If you love giving the gift of sweets, this Cuban café has the most moist, addictive rum cakes in the Southeast. We’re talking mini cakes and full-sized options, with flavors like Original Golden Rum, Limoncello, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and more. Can’t choose which cake to give? Grab a gift card and let your friends do the choosing!

The Pasta Market – Nothing says “happy holidays” like a heaping bowl of hearty pasta, marinara, and parmesan! If you have a pasta lover in your life, make room in your car because you’ll be leaving with a lot after shopping at The Pasta Market in Downtown Blue Ridge. Grab dried pasta like their Sagne Torte or pick up pre-made frozen meals made by one of the onsite Pasta Officers. Planning a girl’s or guy’s game night or get-together? Grab a gift card for a custom-made charcuterie board and your next get-together will be extra special.

Huck’s General Store – If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, you’ve found the perfect place! Located in Downtown Blue Ridge off East Main Street, Huck’s General Store is one of the most popular shops in town, especially during the holidays. Grab some bottles of craft soda, delight in the huge selection of candy, or grab some novelty gifts that are sure to make your friends laugh. From homemade hand soaps to one-of-a-kind souvenirs, you’re sure to find something for that special someone this holiday season at Huck’s General Store.

GMCR PRO TIP: If you’re staying in one of our Blue Ridge cabin rentals in late November, DO NOT miss out on Blue Friday and the lighting of the Great Tree! Blue Friday, in particular, is a great time to grab your Christmas gifts early because our local shops often offer discounts on items (think Black Friday, but in Blue Ridge!).